Our Services

Since 1935 US Refrigeration Has Been Delivering Superior Services

As large supermarkets and centralized processing plants emerged in the 40’s and 50’s U.S. Refrigeration evolved to handle the large installations that these new facilities required.  Convenience Stores, quick serve restaurants and gas stations appeared in the 60’s and 70’s and we kept pace.

Construction and Remodeling

Whether you are building a new store or remodeling an existing space US Refrigeration can help. As a member of Local 597 Pipefitters Union, you will be guaranteed professional work. Ask us about our General Contracting services.

We can assist you with carpentry, electrical, plumbing & permits. With US Refrigeration your project will come in on budget and on time.

Service and Maintenance

Factory certified technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer full maintenance contracts and preventative maintenance contracts tailored to your business. Training includes:

Refrigeration Systems: DX | Secondary | CO2 | Micro-Thermo Technology
Our EMS training includes: CPC | Danfoss | Novar | Emerson

We also provide remote monitoring.

Warehouse and Delivery

Our 30,000 square foot warehouse is available to you. With two loading docks we can receive & stage equipment for any project.

While at our warehouse, the equipment is examined and the mechanics are checked before it is delivered in our company-owned trucks.

Planning and Design

Our expertise is in merchandising. The competition for “the share of the stomach” is fierce, and US Refrigeration understands the importance and value of display space.

We know how people shop and we work with your organization to ensure that your retail environment is created to generate the greatest potential for sale and profit. We deliver innovative solutions.